ROQ Now the new DTG platform by ROQ optimized for web to print. ROQ Now is ROQ’s first 100% digital printing machine. It was developed for the Direct to Garment (DTG) market. Due to the knowledge that ROQ owns from its line of automatic oval screen-printing machines, ROQ was able to build an innovative product that responds to the growing needs of differentiation and customization of the final customer.
Technical Specs
  • DTG printing inline process;
  • Maximum production up to 200 pieces/hour**
  • Fully automated workflow from order until print is finished;
  • Web to Print;
  • Only one operator needed;
  • High-end industrial printheads with recirculation incorporated;
  • CMYK station + Digital white station;
  • Maximum resolution 600X1600 DPI;
  • Print height 1,5 to 4 mm;
  • Z-axis adjustable to the height of the fabric to be printed;
  • Uses pigmented ink – Aquarius (by Dupont Artistri);
  • Tailored RIP software – ROQ Studio powered by Neostampa.
  • White layer created automatically with smooth transition and choke function for a perfect registration;


The ROQ Now can combine 100% digital technology (DTG) with high production and quality. To achieve this objective, ROQ had to apply all the knowledge it has both from ​​digital printing on textiles and the ​​engineering of oval machines. ROQ Now has a fully automated workflow, consisting of an oval base completely optimized for digital piece-by-piece printing, plus two digital print stations, one with white and the other with color (CMYK + 2). The ROQ Now Printing stations present 2 options, the 5070 and the 3870. The latter does 380 x 700mm (14.6” x 27.6”) in one swath. To achieve high productivity figures (up to 200* pieces per hour) the ROQ Now is equipped with two primer stations (light t-shirts and dark t-shirts), 4 dryers, and 4 presses. All of these accessories are properly configured and synchronized. This allows for the workflow to be completely automated making it possible to pre-treat the piece, print with the quality and high productivity. All details and technology have been designed to maintain the highest quality standards without sacrificing productivity.

Designed to work on the concept of Web to Print. The proprietary software developed by the ROQ team allows you to interface with the software in charge of managing online orders and production. The ROQ Now software processes this information and defines which of the primers to activate, dark or light fabric, and adjusts all the following accessories and printing according to the requirements requested by the customer. Loaded with the t-shirt and given the primer, a sequence of flash and pressing follows to prepare the fabric for a perfect print. In case the printing uses white color, the first digital station performs its function followed by a new flash and pressing, preparing the piece for color printing. To finish the process, a new flash and a final pressing are given.

The current pre-treatment process used at ROQ Now avoids the traditional pre-treatment marks associated with most DTG machines. This innovative system is just another step o assure the quality of each print from the ROQ Now.