ROQ Bag the bagging machine. The ROQ Bag is a machine designed to bag automatically all types of woven fabric. This bagging machine uses bags with an auto-sticking flap or it can tape the flap of the bags.
Technical Specs
  • Garment bagging;
  • Automatic cover strip removal;
  • Flap fold over;
  • Fully automatic
  • Uses pre-made bags
  • 600 garments per hour


During the packing process, there is no need for a dedicated operator when working in conjunction with the ROQ Fold. Both machines connect and synchronize speeds so that they work at the same pace. If not the machine just needs to be supplied.

In the case of using bags with an auto-sticking flap, the ROQBAG removes the protecting tape and automatically folds the flap, giving the final work a perfect look.

In the case of bags with normal flaps, the ROQBAG applies one or two tape points that close the bag securely.

The folded piece to be bagged is limited by the following dimensions: 600 by 400mm and 80mm height. This is currently the biggest size the machine accepts. The digital control panel is user-friendly as the software was developed to be used by anyone. The ROQ Bag is one of the fastest bagging machines in the market, with a maximum production of 600 garments/hour.

The ROQbag is a fantastic machine. It saves a ton of labor while outputting a top-quality product.