ROQ Label A the automatic label applicaton machine. The ROQ Label A applies directly and automatically the labels in the garments. This machine is designed to work in conjunction with the ROQ Fold, and no operator is needed. Both machines are connect and synchronize speeds so that they work at the same pace.
Technical Specs
  • Automatically apply labels to garments;
  • Labels up to 80 mm wide;
  • Works in conjunction with the ROQFOLD;


Positioned in the middle of the ROQ Fold, the ROQ Label A simplifies setup, label loading, and label positioning. The applicator control is made in the ROQ Fold control panel.

The ROQ Label A is the perfect solution to apply size labels to garments. The ROQ Label A uses labels up to 80 mm wide, and rolls up to 300mm outside diameter and 76 mm coil roll diameter.

This module, ads more value to the automatic process of packing. Cuts in labor, save in time and money!