ROQ Pack is the automatic packaging machine. The ROQ Pack is a packing machine developed in order to provide high profitability and speed with a quality product. Due to its performance it is one of the most relevant tools in the market. This automatic packaging machine, conceived by ROQ, works with two large plastic reels (easy to replace).
Technical Specs
  • Designed to pack batches of different types and formats at the same time.
  • The packaging length is unlimited.
  • The package is done through a plastic welding system.
  • Ready to be coupled with ROQ’s automatic packaging line.
  • Maximum processing speed of 1200 pieces per hour. When coupled with ROQFOLD it makes an average of 700 pieces per hour.


The reels spread the top and bottom of the bag that is welded on the sides and closed using the same welding process. A flap closes the bag, the length is unlimited. It is designed to pack batches of several pieces of any type or format: t-shirts, sweat-shirts, polos, shirts, trousers, skirts, towels, etc. The pieces need to be loaded into the machine already folded. This part should be automated with a ROQ Fold.

The strengths of the ROQ Pack packaging machine reside in the capacity to adapt itself to every garment type and to save plastic by controlling the waste, efficiently. The ROQpack can output an impressive 1200 pieces per hour. When connected to the ROQ Fold the maximum output is 700 pieces per hour, making it a complete and fast folding and packaging line using only one operator with the function of loading the pieces onto to the ROQ Fold. Both machines then are controlled through the central console of the ROQ Fold.

If you need to pack clothing pieces the ROQ Pack is an automatic machine that will bring added value to your business.