From our work worldwide with different partners, we understood that there was a demand for a machine we did not have yet created. The ROQ Next is the newest carousel machine from ROQ and it was designed after extensive research.
Technical Specs
  • Aluminum honeycomb pallets;
  • Squeegees with electric movement with AC inverter;
  • Independent control panel on all print heads;
  • Choice of pneumatic screen holder: ā€Uā€ clamp or pin system;
  • Print heads central elevation;
  • AC servo-motor rotation system;
  • Central control panel with Polychromatic LCD touch screen (10ā€);
  • Micro registration screen system with vernier scale;
  • Individual controls for managing print and flood speed, height and angle of the squeegee, and stroke length.
  • Placement of the Flash Cure units under the print head.


We went made sure to keep the normal traits of any ROQ screen-printing machine. The ROQ Next is a new machine with a lot of proven technology so the registration capabilities of the Next are the same as per the You and the ECO. The ROQ Next has a maximum speed of 1200 pieces per hour. It presents an independent printhead lift, this boosts its speed and work quality, especially when working with water-based inks. The print heads have a high lift position for cleaning this improves the life of every printer.

Low and easy maintenance and we also worked to have as many universal parts as possible because we understand the value of a fast procurement of parts. Independent controls in each print head for all the normal functions such as print and flood speed, height, angle of the squeegee, and stroke length. With a maximum of 20 pallets and 18 colors, the ROQ Next is a machine that you can count on to solve any screen-printing challenge. It's fast, accurate, and it comes with the technology you want!

  • Laser Markers;
  • Power and Control Connections for Flash are built into the machine base;
  • Flash Cure units;
  • Compatible with ROQ FLOCK;
  • Compatible with ROQ FOIL;
  • Skip Function.